Forgotten Factories


You have been studying as an apprentice adventurer for three years. Today you set off on your own for your final test, to prove you have what it takes to uncover the mysteries of the past.

A monstrosity of stone and metal towers above you, reaching into the heavens. You feel a steady rhythm pounding through the earth beneath your feet. You stand at the entrance of one of the forgotten factories, a relic left behind by the Fallen Empire. Inside, advanced technology beyond your wildest dreams is waiting to be re-discovered.

Good luck.


A + D - move
W - Jump/double-jump
Mouse - aim
Left click - hold to charge spell, release to fire
E - switch spell
Q - interact with object
Esc - Pause/options menu

Make your way through 10 levels of platforming using your magical abilities. The teleport spell propels you through the air with great speed and the barrier spell allows you to draw a small platform that can be used to reach greater heights or block projectiles.


This game has been tested in firefox and chrome. It is reccomended to use Chrome, as the final level has performance issues in firefox. Full game takes 30-45 minutes to play.


High-quality MP3 download of the sountrack is available if you spend $3 or more on itch, or in various formats on bandcamp:


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